They plan to simplify the issuance of a passport in Russia

Soon, citizens of Russia will not need to enter all information about labor activity when filling out a questionnaire (to get a passport), and then certify them in the personnel. Now the passport will not be issued without providing the applicant with information about all the enterprises at which he worked for the previous 10 years, a person must also enter legal addresses of places of work.

This measure of the FMS was instructed to issue after a meeting of the government commission (the commission was formed after the Decree of the Russian Federation No. 60 of 6 of 60.02.2010). According to the press service of the FMS, they are already developing their regulations and the necessary amendments to change regulatory acts. All the adopted proposals of the FMS, as well as the amendments that the Ministry of Communications and the FSB wants to make, will arrive by December. In the future, it is planned that they will reduce the deadline for the execution of the passport and its issuance, although the ordinary passport makes it possible for residents of some countries to make foreign trips, for example, we give Kazakhstan. However, before collecting the necessary documents for registration of a passport, residents of the Moscow region should use legal services in Lyubertsy, residents of other cities, respectively, contact a local legal organization. Qualified lawyers will tell you what documents need to be collected, give a lot of useful tips, and will also answer all the questions of interest. Currently, it is only said about simplifying the questionnaire to receive the appropriate passport – it will not have information from the work book over the past 10 years. This item was necessary under Soviet regime, since there were no electronic databases, with the help of these information, those who worked with secret documents, as well as dubious personalities were identified.