The Swiss due to debts opened fire on passers-by

The Associated Press news agency reports that the Switzerland police cordoned off the house of a resident of the city of Bil, who at night on September 9 led the passers -by from his house. According to unofficial data, one of the police officers was seriously injured.

At the same time, one of the local print publications “20 Minutes” reports that at this time the exact location of the shooter is not known. So it seems that someone saw a 67-year-old suspect running out of his house. As for the police, she never commented on this information.

Meanwhile, the police expanded the perimeter of safety around the House of the Criminal. At this time, the territory is patrolled by a police helicopter, and all inhabitants are evacuated from nearby environs.

It is also worth noting that a day off was announced at a local school, and those of students who could not get home for some reason, all together gathered in the school gym.

According to local media, the man began to shoot at people after the court decided due to debts for a compulsory order to sell his house at the auction.