Sergey Siminin: “Arbiter said there was a dangerous game”

Captain Lutsk “Volyn” Sergey Siminin told the club press service about the ups and downs of the match in Krivoy Rog.

– Sergey, whether the referee Dmitry Zhukov explained the reasons for your removal from the field?

– The judge said that there was a dangerous game that, according to the rules, is punishable by a yellow card, which was the second for me in the match. I, frankly, was very surprised by such a decision of the arbiter. Moreover, after the episode that had happened, I was silent, did not express any complaints, although I could make it as a captain, did not turn to the judge, because I remembered that one warning in my liability was already available.

– There was an extremely large number of yellow cards and removal in the match. The game was so hard?

– As it seemed to me, there were both justified cards and those that were completely “out of business”, as they say … The referee distributed them to the left and right.

– There was not enough “Volyn” today Bikfalvi?

– Yes, he is a cool player, he would help. Especially in the attacks was its absence obvious.

– To whom it was easier to play ten to ten in the second half?

– I did not play … But Krivbass also played ten, I think that no one received significant benefits.