SKB-Bank offers unique credit products to business clients.

Innovative proposals for small and medium-sized businesses announced SKB Bank. In addition to a noticeable mitigation of the requirements for a potential borrower, the bank also announced the abolition of a significant part of the commissions, and reducing the interest rate.

Changes affected such a popular credit product as a loan “just like that!”, according to the conditions of which the entrepreneur can now be provided with the amount of up to 500 thousand. rubles – and this is without any pledge and guarantee.

On average, 1-2% per annum reduced the loan rate with the sonorous name “Giece the Turnover”. Within the framework of this product, SKB-Bank offers a preferential lending scheme when in the first months from the moment of issuing a loan interest is accrued at a preferential rate, gradually increasing, and, by the end of the loan term, reaching the average market values.

In addition to changing the conditions for existing loans, SKB-Bank offers a completely new credit product, which has not at the moment not presented in the banking services market. Credit proposal, called “who additive?”Small business representatives.

Within the framework of this credit product, the bank is ready to credit even those borrowers who would be absolutely refused any other credit institution. Of course, we are not talking about malicious non -payers on loans, however, the entrepreneur whose lending limit has already been exhausted, the bank is ready to meet – subject to the borrower with an unsuccessful credit history.

For example, if the client already has a debt to another bank, which he managed to pay only partially, then within the limits of this amount already paid, SKB-Bank is ready to provide a new loan. And the last, but no less interesting than already announced, the innovation of the SKB -Bank – now a positive credit history in the bank is important not only when making a decision on issuing the next loan, but, in some cases, will be the basis for the client of a preferential interest rate for newly issued loans.

As the bank’s press service said, for some credit products the size of this discount can reach 8, and more than percent per annum.