On Haiti, the epidemic cholera took the lives of 135 people

A strong epidemic of cholera flared up in the north of the Republic of Hiti for several days took the lives of one hundred and thirty -five people. Referring to the head of one of the local medical associations, Agence France-Presse reports that another one and a half thousand residents of Haiti are infected.

So officials note that in the city of Port-O-Prens (capital of Haiti), not a single case of infection with this disease has been registered. At the same time, according to the Haitian Minister of Health, hospitals in the regions of this country are overflowing with sick cholera.

According to experts of many medical services, the proliferation of the cholera epidemic is also facilitated by the fact that today a large number of state guests, who, after the earthquake, are left without a roof over their heads, live in temporary camps in the complete absence of unsanitary conditions, in fact without access to purified drinking water.

In conclusion, we recall that in January of this year, a strong earthquake occurred in the Republic of Haiti, as a result of which two hundred and fifty thousand people died, and 1.2 million inhabitants of this state were deprived of their houses.