Over 84 million rubles were spent on the repair of yards in Saratov

Oleg Grishchenko, mayor of Saratov, checked the quality of the repair of yards along the streets of Shekhurdin and business in the Leninsky district of the city. The mayor noted the need for further improvement of the city, but as part of the availability of finances with the city hall.

As the mayor of Saratov, Oleg Grishchenko, noted during the inspection of a number of courtyards in the Leninsky district, in particular Shehurdin and Business streets, it is necessary to further carry out work to increase the number of updated yards in the city. However, the city hall should plan all repair work from the accounting of the funds available at its disposal. According to Oleg Grishchenko, in the framework of the municipal program this year, 42 objects were repaired in all areas of Saratov, the total area of ​​which was 55,978 square meters. The cost of the work is in the amount of 84.314 million rubles. The update of the sidewalks and sections of the roadway in a number of courtyards of the city, the removal of destroyed borders and old asphalt has been completed. Fixed the base of the road, the installation of a new road and sidewalk onboard stone was carried out. The choice of materials is not accidental, since the on -board stone is necessary to strengthen the roadway, as well as separate the roadway from sidewalks and pedestrian tracks from sections allotted for lawns. Since concrete borders are well perceived by the load on the edges of the coatings, they perfectly strengthen the pavement and prevent siege and displacement of stones. Inspecting the landscaped courtyards, Oleg Grishchenko emphasized – the right to decide on the choice of objects requiring repair work is located in the hands of the district administrations of Saratov, city deputies are also directly involved. Thus, the mayor explained, the possibility of including a specific courtyard or house in the program of municipal development entirely depends on the activity of the townspeople and their close interaction with the elected deputies. After choosing a particular house, discussion by representatives of the city hall and residents of issues on optimal repair work, whether it is a improvement of parking, strengthening borders or expanding the playground.