We are your people

The Union of Citizens turned to the governor of the Nikolo-Ugra Monastery, Igumen Bartholomew, with a request to promote the resettlement of houses on the SV. Nicholas in disrepair. The hegumen replied that these houses in 2005 by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation were transferred to the Nikolo-Ugra Monastery, but since people live in them, they are still on the balance sheet of the city. They promised to resettle people by 2010 under the resettlement program of Patriarch Kirill, but something did not work out.

Deputy Vakhrushev, who is the co -chair of the Union of Citizens’ Union, also turned to the head of the city Alexei Pleshakov with a request to accept the initiative group of residents who are inherent in the multinished communal services unsuitable for normal life.

From mold, children suffer from bronchial asthma, things spoil, wooden floors between the floors are rotten. “At the beginning of winter, I took out a fur coat from the closet, and she spread to pieces right in my hands,” Marina complains from the 5th house. Svetlana and her neighbor Alla are afraid that the ceiling is about to collapse at their disabled neighbor. The sewage system does not work for someone, sometimes the thermometer drops to 14 degrees, the windows are dry.

The Union of Citizens is also going to turn to urban builders in order to find the opportunity to build a house for resettlement residents. Without the help of the administration in the allocation of the land, one cannot do here. Residents still hope that they will help them.