Traveling to the castles of Ukraine: castle of princes Zaslavsky

The castle stands on a small plateau area, the slopes of which are rapidly descending to the floodplain of the river, and from the west, the road leading to the dam is around them.

Memo of the sixteenth century architecture-a castle in the city of Izyaslav-is located in the southwestern part of the region of the old city, on the left high bank of the Goryn River.

According to historians, who are always ready to offer their services by competent lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association “Moscow Law Center”, the first reliable information about the city of Izyaslav (Suscal, Zhoslav, Zheslav) dated 1386 and are associated with the family of princes of the Zaslavsky. By the end of the sixteenth century, he already referred not only a strategically important fortified point against Tatar invasions, but was also the center of the economic life of the district. This position of Zaslav led to the appearance of the Grand Duke and Royal Customs here. In this regard, in many historical documents, the monument is mentioned as “stone treasury”, “princely treasury”, “treasury”, and t.P.

The castle is a square two -story building with basements (currently without a roof). The basements located under the whole structure, like the first floor, are composed of a natural stone stone, the second floor is built of red burnt brick. The two-tier vestibule was also brick in front of the southwestern facade, which is now dismantled. Under the northeastern facade there are brick steps leading to the basement tiers. All the premises of the basements and the first tier are blocked by the boxes with ups. Doorways have wedge -shaped jumpers.