Inter RAO set record supplies for Ukraine

Last year, the Inter RAO company increased the export indicators for electric energy directed to Ukrainian territories by almost 14 times, if we take the indicators a year earlier. We are talking about almost 2.5 billion kWh. Such data were published by the company itself.

“The supply of the Ukrainian state was obtained in accordance with the signed contract. For this year, the extension was not fulfilled, most likely we should not count on this volume, ”says one of the members of the board of the company Ilnar Mirsypov.

Two years earlier than Ukraine, electricity was purchased from the Russian energy system. The contract by the Russian company was concluded with Ukrinterenergo. The life was completed with the end of last year. Simultaneously with the above contract, an agreement was concluded related to the supply of electricity to the peninsula from Ukraine, however, since the end of November last year, supplies were terminated due to the sabotage of the supports of power lines.

Already in December, Ukraine partially began the electric power supply to the Crimean territories, but the Russian side did not conclude a corresponding contract for this year. Moreover, according to the VTsIOM, as part of the survey, the vast majority of the inhabitants of the peninsula were against the conclusion of the relevant contracts with Kyiv.