In the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, lines for housing for large families are closed

Improving housing conditions for large families in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NAO) has become a full -fledged reality. The families were allocated apartments, which was reported by Igor Koshin, who is the Governor of the NAO.

He shared such information on his own VKontakte page. Thanks to the efforts of the authorities, in the new building of Naryan-Mar, 33 large families received the apartment. A ceremony was held at which the governor handed the keys to 17 families.

The line for receiving housing has been preserved for a long time, which was associated with an unstable situation. Now, finally, each family has gained a new comfortable housing, which is located on Sushchinsky Street. The problem with insufficient housing for large families was solved for several years. As a result, amendments were made to the district law on housing stock.

Igor Koshin also recalled that in the NAO 2015, the year of the child became the year. One of the main tasks of the authorities is the creation of the most comfortable conditions for creating big families in which healthy and educated children will grow up.

Social expenses are gradually reduced, but economic problems should not affect the support of large families.

Earlier, a hundred families with different benefits were provided with housing along Sushinsky Street. In more half of the apartments, today, the owners are already living. Housing was provided to large families, as well as families who raise children with disabilities. These are representatives of different areas of NAO.

More than six families who received housing previously lived in the Zapolyarny district. The geography of families is quite wide. Another preferential category is participants in the anti -terrorist operation in the Chechen Republic, as well as veterans of the Afghan war.