Voentorg. Not only for the military.

What can be useful for the military organizer for the civilian population? The image of a store for military and special units sometimes plays an angry joke, scaring potential buyers with its name and military orientation. Of course, some things, for example, shoulder straps or form of special forces, will not sell you without a certificate, but maybe you don’t need them.

If you are a fan, or a fan, a militar-style, then you should look into the military organizer. You can not go anywhere, now everything is available at a distance of several keystrokes, the Arsenal military cybermarket is a striking example.

Many familiar things made in khaki color or using camouflage play completely new colors, allowing you to supplement or change your image.

Another Arsenal will be a wonderful source of gifts to your friends and, for girls, loved. Such things will compare favorably from gift gifts with their stylish appearance, practicality and functionality. He will benefit and cause pleasant memories of the presented or presented.

For lovers of hunting, fishing, outdoor and extreme relaxation Arsenal is a real Klondike. It’s no secret that military clothing and shoes are developed for very difficult conditions of use. Optimally placed pockets and fasteners allow you to easily and quickly get the contents, while it does not interfere even during active movement and does not threaten to fall out and get lost. The materials are characterized by increased wear resistance, they are even specially very difficult to set on fire or tear.

Military shoes are sewn from strong skin coarse, not to be confused with poor -quality, dressing. She has a high boot, tight -fitting leg. This protects the lower leg at the same time from dislocation and from bites of snakes or insects. It is difficult for dogs to bite such material, however, they usually bite above.

Special means to protect against insects will make your halt more pleasant. Milestock sets are durable, light and easily laundered from food. Sleeping bags are light and warm.

For sports orientation, you can purchase durable and reliable compasses and curvimeters. Specially designed compact axes and shoulder blades will serve good service during the camp and will not bother with their weight during carrying.