In the Minsk houses, heating in the housing stock of the Vitebsk region, along with social facilities, included heating included heating for a week. In the next 2 days, it is planned to supply heat to all objects of social destination located on the territory of the republic.

The head of the Ministry of Energy of the Minzhilkomkhoz said, in the next 2 days in all institutions for children of primary and senior school age, as well as social and medical institutions located in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, they will include heating. The agency against executive committees received approval for supplying heat to institutions for children of primary and senior school age, medical institutions, libraries and social facilities. According to the previously approved schedule, repairs were carried out in a number of boiler rooms. Replaced worn -out basic and auxiliary equipment, new cast -iron valves were installed that meet all modern requirements of safe operation. It was thanks to the qualitatively and qualified repair work, completed on time, it became possible to timely start the heating season. According to Schmidt, from September 27, heating is included in the territory of three regions, in four areas of Belarus, heat supply will be carried out in the next 2 days. In residential buildings, heating will be included immediately after the Minsk City Executive Committee, in the competence of which is the decision of this issue, will accept the corresponding order. According to Schmidt, in the Vitebsk region located in the north of the republic, along with social facilities, residential buildings began to be heated. If there is an appropriate decision of the executive committees, heating will be included in the buildings of administrative and public purposes.