Formation of relations “White House – Moscow”

Relations between Russia and America experienced difficult times at the time when Obama came to the White House. Then the goal of the new administration was a thorough analysis of the policy in relation to the Russian Federation. She began not only to look for the points of contact, how many became interested in the main interests in national security.

According to analysts, the White House sought to achieve only those results that could be considered mutually beneficial, as well as to ensure that relations with Moscow were diverse and would not be reduced only to issues of control over weapons. All the interaction channels were also elegant, like Ford Kuga rushes along the streets of a night metropolis, fascinating all passers -by with their speed. So, in order to revive all the channels of interaction, the White House has established a bilateral commission consisting of eighteen working groups. Contacts with the Russian Federation were strengthened not only at the government level, but also at the level of civil society.