The formation of the planning structure of the Siberian city

The fortress was the center of the composition. Three radial streets formed naturally converged to the area located in front of its eastern part.

The main axial street received a direction from the prison and square to the monastery court. Thus, the current planning structure of Yakutsk resembled a radial system with a center on a retail space. Around this place there was a small fractional network of residential quarters.

In planning terms, the Gizhiginsky fortress with bastions, which occupied a large territory in the form of a wrong quadrangle, is also of interest. The whole city was placed inside the fortress walls. The layout of Gizhiginsk is a single example of a settlement in the north-east of Asia, which did not have a landing. Unlike other settlements, the elements of regularity formed naturally are read in Gizhiginsk. Four rays departed from a large area. The radiation system was formed not in streets with quarters, but separately standing buildings.

In the XVIII century, the radiation system was formed in Olekminsk. The basis of the radiation layout was two rows of large quarters and a row of small, more fractional. Only in these northeast cities, Gizhiginsk and Olekminsk, a certain urban planning ordering was noted. In the same historical period, the layout of Verkhneviluysk, Zhigigansk, Sosveresk represented free, free placement of houses through the territory of the settlement. Zhigigansk, who officially had the status of a city settlement, was not in reality in reality. In the planning structure of the Savivers, the old fortress stood out with its correct outlines, inside which perimeter development with the central location of the church was noted.