The presentation of the new iPad was canceled.

The press center of the American Corporation Apple announced that the presentation of the new iPad mini is transferred for an indefinite period. Experts note that the presentation could be postponed due to delays in production. However, there are rumors on the Web that the aluminum case of the apple device is easily scratched, there are also rumors that the apple -re -operating details for assembling the required amount of iPad.

The presentation of the iPad mini was to take place on October 17 of this year. By tradition, the American corporation invites journalists and experts to get acquainted with a new device a week before presentation to the general public.

The technical characteristics of the new tablet have not yet been disclosed, but several very real rumors about the filling and design of the tablet are walking around the network. The iPad mini will be smaller and thinner than its brother iPad, so the display will have a diagonal of 7.8 inches, and the thickness of the tablet will be 7.5 mm. So the iPad Mini will be the thinnest gadget in the line of tablet from Apple.

According to preliminary data, the cost of a mini-planet will fluctuate around 300 US dollars.