Bitcoin mixers: advantages, types and choices

Bitcoin mixers are necessary to maintain anonymity when conducting various operations with cryptocurrency. There are a lot of offers in this area, but not all bitcoin mixers are truly reliable.

To choose a bitcoin mixer that is trustworthy, you can study the rating of cryptomixers on a specialized site. Thus, you will be able to choose a reliable bitcoin tumbler reviews in order to start anonymizing your coins as soon as possible.

Features of bitcoin mixers

Bitcoin mixers are comparable in principle to a proxy that works between the exchange and the user’s wallet. The user’s cryptocurrency is mixed with a large amount of bitcoins owned by many other users. As a result, the amount of bitcoins will remain unchanged, but it will no longer be possible to track transactions. There is no other way to achieve anonymity. After all, initially the anonymity of bitcoins is very conditional. All transactions are easily tracked using the blockchain explorer. Users for whom the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions is very important should use bitcoin mixers to exclude the possibility of transactions being tracked.

The principle of bitcoin mixing is to use a third-party service to destroy the existing connection between the wallet of the user who sent the bitcoins and the recipients. Thus, it becomes impossible to link the bitcoins purchased by the user with his personality. In the process of working with the bitcoin mixer, the user sends his cryptocurrency to the mixing service and soon receives a similar amount of other people’s bitcoins that arrive at the new address. There is a small fee for the mixing service.

Legality of bitcoin mixing

Some users question the legality of using bitcoin mixers. The answer to this question is absolutely unambiguous: bitcoin mixing operations are absolutely legal and do not contradict the current legislation.
Studies show that cryptomixers are used by ordinary users for whom privacy is important. Users want to be sure that their data will not fall into the wrong hands, and their coins will remain intact. Of course, the possibility that some users use cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes cannot be ruled out, but their number is insignificant.