The government has expanded the list of citizens in need of cheap housing

As we all know, in Russia there is a program that offers more affordable housing for some categories of citizens. That is, using this program, you can purchase apartments that will have a discount, about 20% of the cost of a square meter. At the same time, the barrier should not exceed the price of 30 thousand Russian rubles per square meter. You can be happy and on another point, now the list of those who can participate in this agreement has become much wider. Developers can be in this business for two years, and not three, as previously stated. By the way, there was also another selection criterion, the company should have from 25 thousand built and commissioned squares. Now this restriction was reduced to ten thousand, which cannot but rejoice. Well, if you are interested in the sanatorium of the Kurpaty – visit the site. Only there you will find the best sanatorium with reasonable prices for rest in it. It is worth noting that the list of citizens to buy such housing has become much wider. The program can now participate disabled people, as well as families, which in their composition with disabilities in their composition. This will provide most of our fellow citizens with their own square meters. Moreover, due to this, the construction plan may be increased, until about 2017. That is, the developers will also have to ensure work. As planned, housing for this program will be provided from an economy class, but with turnkey decoration. At the same time, the cost per square meter will not have to exceed thirty thousand of our rubles. Or, payment must be made, according to the calculation of 80% of the full market value in one square. These innovations were taken into circulation due to the fact that according to statistical data, the average price per square meter was set at a mark of 35 thousand rubles. It will be approximately the same in the new year. It is with the help of such a calculation that a new formula for the sale of economy-women for people from a certain category will be displayed. That is, many will have the opportunity to purchase their apartment. Regarding what requirements should be applied to the preferential group, you should clarify precisely in specialized organizations. Or, the site posted accurate requirements that will help you find out the subtleties of the selection for participation.