Where it is better to live in Kyiv?

There are more and more real estate problems every year in Kyiv. With what it can be connected? Firstly, the construction of houses is not very active. How to find a way out of such a situation and find good housing? Now we will figure out in detail in everything. You will be interested in the house in Sestroretsk. There are still favorable zones in Kyiv, although there are few of them, but they are all. As a rule, most of them are near temples. For example, this is in the area of ​​the Frolovsky Monastery, Mikhailovsky Cathedral, and many others. I called only a small part of these areas. People who have visited such places say that good energy reigns in them. It’s good when your house is in the area of ​​the forest Lee. According to bioenergetics, there is always positive energy here. Kyiv realtors say that people who live in the Feofania area are very lucky because forests are located here, and with them healing sources. And also in this area there is a convenient transport system. After a survey of Kiev residents, statistics showed that many would like to live in the Obolon, since this is the greenest area in Kyiv. The result, if you are going to buy housing in Kyiv, better choose favorable places. It is very important that there are no underground faults in the selected area, along which underground waters often occur. And do not forget that all infrastructures are located nearby. Of course, there are very few such places in Kyiv, but they are