In Portugal, the largest protester of garbage over the past 20 years has begun

On November twenty -fourth in Portugal, the largest strike in the last twenty years has begun. So the RTTNEWS publication reports that according to unofficial information, the protest campaign will last within twenty -four hours, so its organizers must take care so that the removal of construction debris of safe technology is carried out on time.

In the strike, employees of not only state, but also private sectors participate in the strike. According to Reuters provided, the mass protest will affect the work of airlines, clinics and hospitals, public transport, as well as fuel gas stations and banks. In addition, RTTNews also clarifies that local media also stopped their work, and the Associated Press news agency reports that more than one and a half million people take part in the Portuguese national strike.

It should be noted that the reason for the mass protest was the plans of the Portuguese government to reduce state expenses by five billion euros, which, in their opinion, is necessary to reduce the budget deficit, which this year is 7.3% of the GDP (and its size reached its size. marks of 11.9 billion euros). The new program developed by the government provides not only to reduce wages to state employees, but also to increase taxes. On Friday, on Friday, on Friday, a vote in parliament will take place regarding this bill.

Recall that in Portugal the last major protest rally took place in 1988.

Recently, in some other European countries, strikes have also passed. The reasons for the protest in these countries were also plans of the governments of these countries to reduce government spending.