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About three quarters of mortgage transactions involve the exchange of old housing

Incom-Real Estate has unveiled some information on mortgages. It turns out that 75% of the real estate market transactions with the participation of a mortgage are an alternative option, which implies the exchange of secondary housing for a new one with the attracted mortgages. The most popular options for obtaining a mortgage are carried out according to the scheme: the exchange of one apartment for two (exchange, when families are traveling), or moving to a new more comfortable apartment. Various mediation companies in St. Petersburg provide assistance in obtaining a mortgage. Typically, the amount of such transactions is 3.5 million rubles, when the amount of this amount over 5-7 years on average.50% of housing in the new buildings of St. Petersburg is sold through a mortgage

The information was received from the director of the department responsible for the new buildings of one of the largest companies in St. Petersburg – Litvichenko: “The share of sales in the primary housing market with the involvement of mortgages reaches 50%. The largest demand for apartments today is more than 33 square meters “. Banks do not have time to quickly apply for loans due to a large number of applications for mortgage loans, so some customers of the bank have to wait two weeks. Some clients turn to intermediaries for such a service as help in obtaining a mortgage in St. Petersburg. According to some experts, in the second half of this year the market will not reach pre -crisis volumes. There are several reasons for, for example, the high cost of most residential facilities that were built by Vladimir Putin again promised a decrease in mortgage rates.

Vladimir Putin spoke about the government’s plans to reduce mortgage rates to 5% annually. Among other things, he promised to perform an “exclusive work”, thanks to which more people will be able to take mortgage loans. First of all, such work will be carried out in relation to young specialists and single mothers. It is worth recalling that mortgage lending is a fairly effective form of borrowing funds to purchase your own housing.