The construction of a bathhouse in Arkhangelsk is controlled by the authorities

The construction of a bath in the area of ​​the village of Forestry No. 2 of Arkhangelsk is personally controlled by the mayor Viktor Pavlenko. This kind of construction project will be the first in the village.

Construction work at the facility, which after some time promised to turn into a real Russian bathhouse, started last year. The order of its construction was given by the mayor of Arkhangelsk Viktor Pavlenko. The project of the bathhouse located in the village of Forestry No. 2 was estimated at 70 million rubles. The new object was determined the same place where the old bathhouse was located. It was planned to be one -story, with two washing sectors for 20 seats each, a buffet, as well as a hairdresser. However, the city does not exclude the likelihood of organizing additional services after the opening of the object. They decided to equip the thresholds of the new building with ramps so that citizens with disabilities could join the original Russian hobby for steam procedures. Bath projects have not previously been used in Arkhangelsk. But, perhaps, it will give rise to a good tradition, according to which similar buildings will build in other districts. The adopting commission will pay close attention to the boiler room. And heat supply for bath procedures will be carried out using pellets – special granules from wood. By the way, pellets are an environmentally friendly type of fuel that does not pollute the environment. It is known that baths in Arkhangelsk from ancient times are considered almost the most important social objects. This means that the city leadership is ready to make every effort so that bath services are high -quality and affordable for wide masses.