How to invest in real estate in Cyprus

The return on investment during construction from scratch can be 15-30%. If you are interested in this direction, consider a few ideas.

For €130 thousand, you can purchase a plot of 500 sq. m. located 10-15 minutes from the beach and within walking distance from the main infrastructure facilities. Such a location is ideal for building a house for retirement if it is located in a good area and offers beautiful views. By investing another €154 thousand, you can build a three-bedroom bungalow here. Taking into account the additional costs of the environment, the total cost of the project will be € 310 thousand. At the same time, the plot leaves the opportunity to expand the building area.

To buy land for the construction of a villa within walking distance of the main coastal areas, you need € 250-300 thousand. The main problem is the shortage of offers. As a rule, the plots by the sea have a large area and are intended for more expensive projects. And yet, if you try, you can find such an object. For example, a plot of 800 sq. m. m and cost €220 thousand in a few minutes walk from the beach. Here you can build a four–bedroom villa with an area of 150 sq. m. Additional costs will amount to € 180 thousand, the total cost of the project is €430 thousand. Such an object will generate 5% of the rent annually and can be sold for another 15-20% more expensive.