Investing in Cyprus with a budget of up to €150 thousand

In Cyprus, you can invest with a small budget. In addition to local and European buyers, many Russians and immigrants from Arab countries successfully invest here amounts in the range of € 100-150 thousand.

In case of a limited budget and the need to compromise, it is better to choose not an old one-bedroom apartment in a complex with questionable service, but more modern two-bedroom apartments, but in less popular locations (for example, 10-20 minutes drive from the main tourist centers). Let the place be more modest, quieter, because many pensioners and young couples prefer to relax in just such a more relaxed atmosphere. This means that tenants can also be found.

There are still a lot of real estate offers in this price category on the secondary market of Cyprus, but they are sold in a matter of days. If you are determined, you need to act quickly.

Do not forget: in the case of buying economy-class real estate, it is necessary to carefully calculate the financial prospects and assess possible risks. Among them:

  • reduced profitability due to high competition with more modern complexes;
  • hidden costs due to the need to spend money on additional maintenance;
  • in some projects, public areas are not taken into account, which reduces the overall cost.