Freedom Island celebrates Gerardo Ernandes’s birthday

For forty -six years, last Saturday, June 4, Gerardo Ernandes, one of the five Cuban anti -terrorists, who is currently serving an imprisonment in one of the United States of America. The head of the orthopedic department of the hospital Calikli Garcia Juan Miguel Diaz appealed to the Agency of Prensa Latin with a request to transfer his congratulation to the truth to the truth. As stated in a doctor’s message, which is a member of several Cuban international brigades in Africa countries, for ten years Gerardo Ernandez has been in American prison dungeons. He is excommunicated not only from his family and friends, but also from his homeland, who also remembers him and celebrates his birthday. Kubinsky Patriot and did not bow his head in prison. As the doctors and medical sisters of the institution noted in their speeches, Gerardo in conclusion has the most difficult thing, since his relatives and wife Adriana Peresa Washington for many years refuse a visa. Cubans every year celebrate the birthday of the hero of the five, who was arrested on September 12, 1998 by the American authorities. Recall that in prisons of the United States, four more Cuban anti -terrorists are languishing: Ramon Labanino, Antonio Herrero, Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez, which also made severe sentences from 15 years to lifelong imprisonment. The celebration of the birthday of Gerardo Ernandes, a courageous fighter with terrorism, took place in the premises of the Cuban Journalists in Havana. The solemn event was performed by famous Cuban journalists, artists, singers and poets. Note that this event was coordinated with the California International Committee for the Liberation of the Five.