Organization of the work of the control apparatus using network schedules.

For the use of network methods in management, there are a sufficient number of recommendations, brochures and articles, but all of them mainly cover the application of these methods to manage production.

The issues of using network schedules for the organization of managerial labor have been developed very poorly, although they deserve great attention. The use of network methods in the management apparatus allows you to regulate the operating mode of the performers, establishes and clarifies the technological and organizational relations that arise between them at different stages of information processing and developing decisions, makes it possible to determine the start and completion of individual operations. An experienced manager will easily see the advantage of being a member of the SRO for his company. He understands that joining the SRO and receiving help and consultation on various issues is a great opportunity to open new prospects.

The organization of managerial labor by network methods makes it possible to ensure that the performers perform their functions correctly and timely, which not only improves the quality of managerial work, but also contributes to the growth of productivity and efficiency of labor in the field of management, and this, in turn, affects the final results of the activities of construction organizations.

The main provisions on the development and application of network planning and management systems are presented in the special literature. Therefore, in this paper we will dwell only on some methodological issues related to the specifics of the development and application of network models for the organization of managerial labor.