Free computer courses were organized for pensioners for pensioners

For pensioners from Rasskazovo, the words “Skype”, “Google”, “Yandex” are now filled with meaning are more familiar to the typical user of the Internet. They decided not to waste time, so they went to computer courses. The ability to comprehend the basics of computer technology provided TSU to them. Derzhavin. In the morning rehearsals were held, during the day – training. In her 76 Nina Mikhailovna Malyutina, a former teacher of mathematics, continues to improve his qualifications. The Center for Learning “Third Age” was created specifically for those who, being on a well -deserved rest, prefer to “bite granite” of computer science. It should be noted that the orders are quite democratic: training is free, the number of training hours is not limited. The transition to the next topic is carried out at the request of the listener. Methodist Marina Elyutina said that in the learning process sometimes has to resort to not educational terms, telling the material literally on his fingers. The main thing is that the listener be clear, because they work for the result, and he is. Many listeners of the courses, having come to training, had no idea how to include a PC. Today they feel confident on the Internet, some have acquired pages on social networks, can find the information of interest, send mail to any leader. Marina Elyutina said that they paid special attention to how to ask a question, to complain, because many needed to turn to the management of the organization. Now it is possible without leaving home. Such training centers are opened in three cities of the region (Michurinsk, Zherdevka, Morshansk). The first group of “Students” included representatives of the local Union of Pensioners of Russia. Now there are more people: everything is scheduled for September, there are no free places. Of the friends of Nina Mikhailovna, few people understood why the woman acquired a laptop and went to computer courses. She herself is glad that she could read and listen to everything that she could not devote enough time before. Many students have mastered Skype, now they call up with their friends on the Internet. Communication is a key word for students of courses, they are ready to study again for this.