A competition for a tender for updating Leninsky Prospekt in the midst.

The authorities recently announced that among the potential performers of this state order they will conduct a competitive selection, as a result of which the best contractor will receive the right to update this site. The main works will be carried out in the districts of Teply Stan, Voruchevsky, Lomonosovsky, Treparevo-Nikulinsky, Yakimansky, etc. rn. The contract that will be concluded with contractors is estimated at 400 with a small billion of Russian rubles. The lucky one who is lucky to win a tender will be able to carry out engineering services in the construction of buildings and installing equipment. This lucky one will implement a number of events, and certainly he will not have time to solve insignificant issues, such as how to choose a juicer for a family, etc. P.The tender for the reconstruction of Lenin Avenue was already initiated in November of this year, the government had to be canceled in order to carry out the necessary improvements in design documents. The Internet page of the Department of State Procurement reports that the starting assessment of the contract at that time did not reach the mark of 20 – TU billion. rubles. Update plans. They are ready for work. As part of the update in the government plans, it was necessary to free the avenue from traffic light regulation, by erecting transport fork in the upper and lower levels. For example, at the intersection of university orc. Du Ulyanova; as well as at the intersection of Lobachevsky and Ovruchev. Chief architect of the capital A. Bochkarev said that last month the authorities chose between the development of tunnels or overpasses, as part of the renewal of the motorway. Capital head with. Sobyanin confirmed the readiness for the beginning of work that will be carried out already in 2013.