The rating of the most expensive cities for foreigners has been compiled

The Mercer Human Resource Consulting compiled a fresh rating of the most expensive cities in the world for foreigners. This rating is the capital of Angola Luanda. This city turned out to be the most expensive for foreigners. The second place in this championship race is occupied by Tokyo, the third place went to the capital of Chad Njamen, Moscow was occupied by Moscow, and the fifth place was taken by Swiss Geneva. As a rule, Mercer Human Resource Consulting analyze 200 different parameters, based on which they make up similar ratings. This year, the list of the most expensive cities in the world for foreigners consists of 214 items. First of all, analysts determine the dynamics of the national currency in relation to the US dollar, as well as the dynamics of prices over the past year. New York data were taken for the database. This year the rating has undergone significant changes. So, the top 10 most expensive cities did not enter the cities of the United States. The most expensive city of North America, San Paulo, is located in Brazil, took only the tenth line of the rating. The city of Love is losing its position – Paris, which dropped at once on 10 lines. Now the capital of France takes only 27th place in the ranking. New York is still the most expensive city in America, but his position this year is not 27, but 32.The cheapest city for living foreigners is the Pakistani city of Karachi, here foreigners spend three times less than in the same Luanda. But the consulting company ECA International found out in which cities it was a hard for the indigenous population. It turned out that today on the edge of the economic collapse, the capital of Zimbabwe – Harara. Here, by the way, according to ECA International experts, living for foreigners is most expensive. The specialists of this company left the third place for Oslo, and the fourth was already traditionally given to Moscow.