The NAIRIT plant, which resumed at the end of last year, the production of chloroprene rubber continues to work uninterruptedly.

Today, visiting the DE, the general director of the management company NAMEL-TRAST created in April last year Samvel Muradyan. – What are the powers of the company “Narit-Trast”? – This is a specially created temporary company that controls the financial flows coming from the Russian investor represented by Runa Bank in CJSC NAYARIT. Runa Bank is interested in the acquisition of an almost bankrupt bank “Armsvyaz”, and the shares of CJSC NAIRit belong to this Armenian bank. By the way, one of the conditions of the investor was the audit of CJSC NAIRit. The results of a fairly expensive audit conducted by the independent French company Grand Thornton Amia raised questions from the Ministry of Finance, and now the enterprise will check the control and audit department of the Ministry of Finance. We are also interested in this audit, which, I hope, will clarify the situation with the accounts exploration and payables of the enterprise. – Where did such debts come from, because at one time before the sale of the “Nail” of the British company Ransat, its structural reorganization was carried out in order to free the viable part of production, namely the production of chloroprene rubber from debts. Or are it new debts? – Today’s NAIRIT CJSC is the successor of the company “NAIRIT-1” and “NARIRIT-RANSAT”. When, in 2001, by decision of the Government, a reorganization was carried out with the department from the then Nailit (whose debts by that time had reached about 80 million. dollars) of two subsidiaries – “NARIRIT -1” (actually production) and “NARIRIT -2” (scientific part) – indeed, the task was set to free these new enterprises from debts so that they began their activities with a “clean leaf”. However, unfortunately, this did not work out, and we can say that the debts that the old “Nail” were somehow migrated to a new organization. It is not clear why then all this restructuring was carried out? According to preliminary data from the audit, receivables amounted to almost 15 million. dollars, creditor – approximately 23.5 million. dollars. Without going into details, I will say that these are old debts that have been inherited as a result of all these reorganizations, offsetting and abuses of the former leadership.