For what services in state medical institutions doctors have the right to demand payment?

It’s no secret that going to the doctor today, everyone takes money with him. After all, without money, you can’t even make an appointment with a doctor, which means that medicine has become more paid than free. And after the new rules for the provision of paid medical services from January 1 of this year, people generally worried that now everything would be forgotten about free medicine.

With all this, the cancellation of the program of state guarantees for free medical care for the population also did not. The program lists the types of diseases in which treatment requires free medical services, only a list with these diseases is very generalized, although it contains a lot of dashings. And the specifics are what kind of medical services patients can use for free, no, what is pulling huge tail of questions with abuse of the rules for the provision of paid honey services.

Since we cannot figure out the list of services that we are laid on a free basis, let’s figure out the services for which doctors have the right to demand money from us, referring to paragraph 7 of the Rules for the provision of paid medical services.

So, the list of these paid services itself is not so big, but, nevertheless, in state medical institutions, doctors have the right to demand payment for such services:

– individual medical supervision for patients in a hospital- a nurse with accommodation is certainly not provided for free;- the patient’s provision of those medicines that are not included in the list of vital drugs (those cases are considered to be the patient, which are contraindicated in the standard list of medicines, And this means that doctors must give the patient a replacement for the contraindicated medicines for free);- when the patient wants to undergo examinations anonymously (exception: anonymous examinations provided by law, for example, examinations for HIV- is provided to the patient for free and anonymously);- when the patient appeals to State medical institution without sending the therapist.