Residents of the village in the Leningrad region were left without water

In the private sector of the village of Big Colds, residents of several streets are forced to do without water for five days. Three streets were cut off from water supply.

Residents of the village of Big Colds in the Leningrad Region complain about the lack of water. And according to local residents, this is not the first time. Several streets of the village depend on water supply from the local sausage enterprise. When light disappears on the territory of the enterprise, the three streets of the village are left without water. This time the unpleasant situation has been going on for five days. The administration of the village states that the tenants themselves are to blame for their problem, since they abandoned the well and water supply and signed an agreement with the enterprise whose workshop is located in the village. The company almost went bankrupt and was disconnected from the supply of electricity. As a result, people were left without water supply and are forced to use aluminum cans and other devices to provide themselves with water. Recently it became known that production will be put up for sale. The new owner will appear in almost a year. This means that residents of problem streets can remain without water supply for a long time. The only way out is the installation of filters on the wells with which the gardens are watering. Residents of the village decided to use the water of the enterprise, since it was free. And if centralized water supply is installed for it, I would have to pay. Residents themselves claim that they are ready to pay. People were offered to pay for the well of an enterprise that will work for a certain monthly fee. It is not known whether residents will be able to collect the desired amount cut off from water supply or agree to conduct a centralized water supply system, as it was worth doing earlier.