The “knocking out” service of debts for housing and communal services.

Ukrainian Association of Housing and Public Utilities Investors, proposed organizing a state. Special forces for the collection of debts from non -payers for utilities. This opinion was voiced by the president of this association of investors Sergey Bulbas.

Recall 17.12.ten. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine made amendments to Article 2 of the Basic Law of Ukraine, which says that from the first of January 2011, for not paying for housing and communal services to be charged with a penalty to the population.

Bulbas believes that the appearance of a penalty measure is necessary, but, neither a penalty, nor fines will be able to provide a hundred percent collection of utilities for utilities, because the courts of court are loaded and will not be able to process a large number of claims.

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According to with. Bulbas, the provision with utility bills must be decided comprehensively- it is to raise the quality of utilities, to develop serious measures to non-payers, to legally develop a mechanism for performing these measures, to form state specials, a unit that was engaged in the collection of debts from non-payers for utilities for utilities.