Reducing prices in Ukraine

Gift by nature

This summer is special. Firstly, August and September are not as hot as usual. No need to walk down the street in anticipation of a thermal blow. Works and I think perfectly. Secondly, the yield of Ukraine pleasantly surprised. Many vegetables and fruits fell 2-3 times compared to last year, when speculators could not add prices to potatoes and tomatoes. Now everything is simpler and the choice is excellent.

The next summer can be hot. There will not always be such gifts from nature. Therefore, refueling air conditioners will help prepare for the coolest steam room that summer is preparing. Wabled climatic equipment is the best assistant at this time of the year.

Speculators are very unhappy with such low prices for vegetables and fruits. I read several interviews with farmers. Some pay as usual, which is unprofitable, while others, on the contrary, say that even at such prices there is a profit. And I think that the latter tell the truth, and the former are speculatively lying. What does I care about their profitability, if the year the potato was almost gold? I understand that if you increase prices by 10-20%, but when they just do it twice as much, then pity for such flayers cannot be.

A similar situation was with factories. Remember how a few years ago there was a boom of goods and metals wildly grew in price? Ukrainian heavy industry enterprises rejoiced and sold super -expensive metal. It is normal when the superprofit is invested in energy -saving systems and all sorts of savings projects that will help the enterprise pull itself out of the swamp to crisis. However, Ukrainians simply drove superprofits into offshore and no one thought about the future, as always. As a result, then the goods collapsed and the prices for metal became funny. Now the factories are whining that electricity and gas are expensive, that there is no profitability. And who prevented them in glorious times to put energy conservation systems and optimize production? So it is with agriculture. No one itches until it becomes too late, and then shocking statements on the air and requests for help.

Short visibility – the worst of the snakes of stupid businessmen. Although I do not think that the bulk of entrepreneurs from Ukraine can be called businessmen. Too big honor for stupid people.