Nikolka to the kingdom!

In the Czech Republic, where I have been living quite a long time, citizens are now choosing the president. For the first time in history, by the way: before that, deputies of parliament and senators dealt with this important matter. Czechs are calm people, there is no particular excitement around the elections (the president here is a rather symbolic figure), but there is still a lot of conversations on this topic.

My neighbor Milan is a big philosopher, for nothing that works as a welder. He looks at life peculiarly, with a sense of comical absurdity characteristic of the Czechs. Recently, behind the glass of the White Moravian in the local bar (Milan and I prazhan are atypical, we prefer beer wine) He told me: “Who to choose, I do not know. There is no real madman among the candidates “. “Why do you need a madman?” – I was surprised. Moreover, at least one very original personality in ballots is there: a certain writer and art critic, on which there is no living place from tattoos (including the face). Therefore, the people are known by the nickname Avatar.

Milan, however, explained everything to me. “Here look. With this policy and the whole system, everything is clear for a long time: some lie and steal, others mutter, but they are used to it. And then a man from the side suddenly comes to the presidency, strange, even a little slapped, but another, not used to it. And begins to ask questions, naive, but in fact: why is it so and so arranged for us? And what, is it right? But this? But? And so? Just calls a spade a spade, because he is another. He is a fool. Jester on the throne. Gavel at first was like that, after the revolution. Not a fool, of course, but… man from the side “.

I suddenly liked this theory. And not only in relation to the Czech Republic. Even the other, more optimistic finale of Boris Godunov came up with: the king takes off the Monomakh hat and gives it to the holy fool Nikolka.

Whether the people will be silent at the same time, I have not yet come up with.