The concept of houses for growth in Cyprus

Those who visited Cyprus noticed strangely flat roofs on houses along the highways. Surprise could be caused by the neighborhood of villas covered with tiles, which make up some contrast with the “bloodless” buildings.

Today, our attention was paid to the houses for growth in Cyprus, which are a useful solution for many residents of the island.

What is a house “for growth”

That you might think when you see a flat house without a roof, but with funny bundles of rebar sticking out from above? Well, at least, it will seem to an uninitiated person that for some reason it is fashionable in Cyprus to “forget” to finish building a house.

Such not very aesthetic features of the reinforcement peeking out of the ends of the structure appeared for a reason. This is a real and real opportunity to increase the living space in a legal and affordable way without moving to a new house.

The legislation has clearly settled all the controversial points, and even specified all the necessary parameters like the length, height and thickness of the bars.

The reasons for the appearance of houses “for growth”

Such buildings are varieties of modular structures consisting of separate sections that can be added or, conversely, eliminated at the request of the owners.

Real estate is constantly growing in price, the world’s population is not lagging behind in terms of growth, the price per square meter is heating up year by year. In order for housing to be affordable and meet all requirements, developers offer single-storey houses with the possibility of adding a second floor, and if the seismic safety of the area allows, then later it will be possible to build a third. Houses for growth in Cyprus.