The authorities collect taxes

In our country, the tax system is the main source to increase the treasury of Russia. I must say, only 20% of all resources to the budget do not come from tax fees. If the income is federal, then finances are provided from it in different directions of Russia. I must say that without taxation, the authorities cannot pay debt to different enterprises and physical users. There are a lot of taxes today and they are divided into such categories as federal, then regional, local and indirect. We pay attention to the tax, to income to individuals who are differently called personal income tax. Because when the sale of property occurs, the person has a profit from the transaction. This variation of tax belongs to the first category indicated above, that is, to the federal. However, it is not paid with every real estate sale. Let’s find out what is the peculiarity. First of all, it is worth noting that if the owner owned for three years or more sold by any property, then the tax is not needed here, the amount in this case does not matter. It is paid in the form of personal income tax only if the object is sold and is in the possession of less than 3 years. Different interest rates, depending on what kind of property belongs to. This also includes different deductions and determination of the tax base. These characteristics are best visible in the domestic tax code. Because the laws have frequent adjustments. Consider some of the numbers that took place two years ago. If at that time property was sold for an amount of not more than 1 million. rubles, then the tax is not provided for. But if the payment is more, then not only the tax base, but the amount that goes to repay the budget is determined by the standards that the Russian Tax Code establishes. If part of the property is sold, then the tax is taken, as it is written above. However, if another object is implemented, a car, then it does not need to be paid if the proceeds for it for no more than 125 thousand rubles for each implemented object. In order to determine the final amount of tax, you need to take into account a huge number of different indicators and be sure to familiarize yourself with the acts specified in the code, then fill out a special declaration of form 3 personal income tax, and show all the collected documents in the service.