In Iran, seven people died as a result of the earthquake

On December twenty-first, on Tuesday, the Reuters news agency reports that in Iran as a result of an earthquake, the magnitude of which was 6.5 points, in the province of Kerman, which is in the southeast of the country, seven people were killed.

So, according to the reports of local television channels, at least three of the thirty Iranian mountain villages that were in the earthquake zone, were completely destroyed. According to information provided by the Iranian news service “Mehr”, it is possible that at this time there are hundreds of people under the rubble of destroyed buildings, many houses have been destroyed, many cars have suffered from strokes, so stores will be in demand for the spare parts of Ford Capri in the presence. According to Esmail Najar, the governor of the province of Kerman, the number of victims of the earthquake may increase. He also added that this region of the country caused severe damage.

According to the data provided by the local authorities, the number of the wounded is twenty -five people. Now several rescue teams are working at the site of the disaster.

In conclusion, we note that in the southeast of Iran the earthquakes are a relatively frequent phenomenon. So in December 2003, in the Cerman of the city of Bam located in the province of Kerman, more than thirty -one thousand people became victims of one of the most powerful earthquakes.