In London, the construction of the orbit tower began

The Sky News Information Service reports that construction work began in the capital of Great Britain on the construction of the famous sculptor Anisha Kapura Steel Tower created according to the project, which will be called “Orbit”. According to expectations, the New London attraction will be open to visitors in March 2012.

“Orbit” will be one of several planned attractions of the capital’s Olympic complex. It will be built in the Olympic Park in the eastern part of London. According to the project, the tower will be made in a modern style. In its form, she will have some resemblance to the pipe of the hookah. In total, the height of the tower will be one hundred and fourteen meters-this is almost three times less than the height of the Eiffel Tower located in Paris, but slightly higher than the statue of freedom established in New York.

London “Orbit” will be equipped with an elevator, observation deck and restaurant. The total project cost is estimated at 22.3 million English pounds, which is approximately 35.8 million American dollars. The main part of this amount in the implementation of the project will be invested by a British steel corporation called “Arcelormittal”, the owner of which is the richest person of the United Kingdom – Lakshmi Mittal.