Online purchases are gaining popularity in the USA

In America, the popularity of purchases with smartphones is gaining popular pace. In Russia, such a trend is not yet observed, it is more familiar to citizens to pay through the Internet communication services or housing and communal services.

Most developed countries have recently begun to be popular with smartphones on smartphones, allowing one click of the button to make an order in the nearest cafe. It is the gadgets that actively promote the Internet trade, the concept of shopping of the future is based on the use of the phone as a scanner or making a purchase through a mobile application. By the way, many online stores for attracting customers are actively used not only mobile applications, but also different unusual products. Musicmag store offers high -quality homeaters, acoustic systems and professional equipment, which is not easy to find in ordinary stores. According to statistics over the past year, approximately 24% of all purchases in America are made from smartphones. If the growth rate remains unchanged, this year this indicator will exceed 30%. Many online stores specially create their own mobile applications.

But in Russia, the era of mobile purchases has not yet come. According to experts, only 10% of purchases are made using applications. Russians are much more willing to pay through the Internet communication services or housing and communal services. Approximately 54% falls on the share of payment of communication services, money transfers are 15%, the rest falls on the payment of housing and communal services services. There are several reasons why Russia lags behind foreign trends. Firstly, this is the disinterest of online stores themselves-they have enough opportunities for them. Secondly, most of the population does not yet have a positive purchase experience in online stores.