Neo Mind in the interior of houses in Cyprus

Since the main color of 2020 is recognized as the color of the sea wave and all its shades, we have picked up tips on how to harmoniously apply a neutral color scheme within one room and create the most harmonious interior.

It would seem that what could be difficult in creating a neutral interior? Soft non-aggressive shades are easily combined with each other. But quite often, instead of an attractive calm design, vague rooms come out, where some details are lost against the background of others.

What is the mistake? Most likely, you forgot about the rules for creating minimalist interiors in neutral tones. In order not to fall into the trap of elementary ignorance, let’s see what you should pay attention to in this case.

Looking for soft contrasts

The interior, made in an oxygen-saturated Neo Mint palette, must necessarily have a color contrast. If you use several neutral colors in the design of the room, then combine them with dark shades of green or gray. This will make the overall picture more weighty.

But don’t get too carried away: limit yourself to a few accessories or one or two pieces of furniture. Because you can overload the interior and make it gloomy.