Postponed the flight – pay

As you know, representatives of the Consumer Protection Service turned to the Ministry of Transport of Russia with a proposal to increase the size of penalties presented to air carriers, which for one reason or another delay flights. Today, representatives of the ministry expressed their consent to these requirements. In addition, the Ministry of Transport is already engaged in the technical side of this issue.

To date, compensation is provided in the amount of 25% of the minimum hourly payment for the delayed flight, however, compensation cannot exceed half the cost of the travel document. The delay of the flight for a day is reimbursed at 600 rubles, and the hour of waiting for the flight is estimated at 25 rubles.

Representatives of the Consumer Rights Protection Society believe that compensation should be calculated on the basis of the cost of the air ticket, and not the minimum hourly wage. At the same time, interest rates for a flight delay should amount to 3% for each hour of downtime or 72% of the ticket cost for delaying departure for a day.

Airlines, which at the end of last year detained a departure from Domodedovo Airport due to weather conditions, completely paid compensation for all passengers who demanded it for the past month. Nevertheless, payments and vouchers issued by Aeroflot did not even cover the cost of a travel document.