Music during driving improves the reaction of the driver

Since the city streets and roads are crowded with vehicles in our time, drivers must have increased attention, so as not to be in the situation with serious consequences. Scientists have found that you can increase the concentration at the wheel of a car by listening to music.

One of the factors that affects the risk of getting into an accident is to use mobile phones. At the same time, according to the results of recent studies, it turned out that even the Hands Free headset does not minimize this danger. The music that sounds in the car’s salon is completely different: it increases the concentration of the driver’s attention on the road, and does not distract from the road, as many think.

Dutch scientists from the University of City Groningen, who buy all products for outdoor activities, conducted a study that became useful for most residents of our planet. The experiment was attended by 47 healthy and young volunteers with driver’s experience exceeding 2.5 years. In the process of research, scientists imitated various driving conditions, using one of the most modern models of auto-trains, which allowed to obtain a 240-degree review field with the help of 4 huge screen.

Throughout the experiment, each time for the participants specially created the driving conditions characteristic of a country highway, for 1.5 hours with music, which sounded in a salon with moderate volume. In addition, driving conditions without musical accompaniment were created.

So, drivers measured the pulse every five minutes using electronic devices. In addition, scientists monitor the concentration of attention on the road. As a result, it was found that loud music, as well as quiet, did not worsen the ability of drivers to adequately respond to the most diverse situations that arise on the road. In addition, in a situation where there was a sharp decrease in speed of a car walking in front, the subjects reacted to such a state of affairs faster when music sounded in the passenger compartment. At the same time, an increase in the reaction rate was noted with a higher sound flow power.