American citizens will begin to implant chips

Recently, NBC correspondents in one of the news reports were predicted by a quick occurrence of total control over American citizens. According to the television company, in 2017 the United States authorities will begin to implant the innovation of microchips that will contain all the information about citizens.

According to sources of media corporation, the owner of a miniature chip will not be able to hide his identity or information about his past.

This news caused the concern of many citizens: they believe that such a practice gives too many powers to the American authorities. For example, in Virginia, a protest movement begins against the general chipitization of society.

According to other sources, the program of automatic identification of objects (RFID) is currently tested by volunteers. Analysts of television companies associate the upcoming innovation with the Obamaker Social Insurance Program.

Already today in Chicago, stores offer to pay with a magnetic wallet tied to the fingerprints of the owner. In some states, locks working on a similar principle are gaining popularity.

“There is a time when wallets and keys will become unnecessary accessories,” says professor of English university in g. Bet, Don Monroe – using biometric technologies, people can be freed from this “.

Do you agree with similar trends in American society?