Americans offer to build a huge station in the Kremlin.

The team of architects from Pittsburgh “Urban Desing Associates”, who also takes part in the development of a draft concept for the development of Moscow agglomeration, found an interesting solution for the development of Zaryadye. On the territory where the Russia hotel used to be, Americans offer to build … a huge station. Railway branches will go to the rest of the capital of the capital underground. It is supposed to launch not only intracity trains, but also long -distance trains. About this writes “Moscow Komsomolets”.

The organization of such a station, according to the authors, will significantly reduce the travel time for various directions, say, from Sochi to St. Petersburg. With the help of the underground railway, Kazan and Paveletsky, Kyiv and Leningrad stations will also be connected by each other. The new network of underground highways will allow you to get from the Kremlin to Troitsk in just 15 minutes. Of course, subject to the introduction of modern high -speed transport.

Pittsburgh residents did not propose specific decisions for the Government Center in New Moscow. But the buildings that officials will leave in Moscow the “old”, they offer to give to the hotels of the highest class with the appropriate price.

It is this project that the expert council considers the most “sky -high”. No one is going to place the station from the Kremlin. Moreover, no one will allow to lay underground branches under strategic objects in the center of Moscow.