Demolition of the Old Fund in Khabarovsk

In accordance with the plans of the administration of the Khabarovsk Territory, completely eliminate all emergency housing in the city. This was recently announced by the Minister of Housing and Public Utilities of the Far Eastern region Anatoly Litvinchuk.

“With the currently existing volumes of the housing emergency fund, we calculate completely with this problem on the emergency fund,” RIA Novosti agency quotes the words of the Minister.

According to Litvinchuk: At the moment, 41.3 thousand square meters of emergency housing has been recorded in our region.

Over the past year, the Khabarovsk Territory successfully became a participant in the federal program for the liquidation of the emergency fund of housing. Moreover, 249 million rubles were subsidized to solve this problem from the federal budget by the Far Eastern region.

“The funds were allocated earlier and intended for development in 2016-2017, but due to the fact that the money came to the region only in September 2016, the Liquidation Program of the Old Fund had to extend for another two years.

During the work of the program, it is planned to demolish up to 16.5 thousand square meters of housing. This is approximately 40% of the number of all currently existing in the region of the emergency fund, ”Litvinchuk explained in the conversation.

The minister also noted that in addition to emergency housing in our region, the problem of old and just dilapidated houses is very acute. Now in the region there are about 643 thousand square meters of dilapidated housing. It is necessary to spend 17-18 billion rubles for the repair and restoration of the entire dilapidated fund.

Despite the programs to provide high -quality housing for residents of large cities, the problem of renting apartments without intermediaries in St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok is still very acute.