There will always be opponents

The history of the construction of Teahouse was not easy, due to construction there were problems. Bowler is a small city, only 100 thousand inhabitants, but the townspeople are very actively involved in his life. Building material was sent from Tajikistan to Bowler in 1988, and built it in 1998, exactly 10 years later. All this time, boxes with carved blocks and details were stored in warehouses, and the city council could not get permission from their citizens for its construction and, as from taxpayers, to spend part of the money for these purposes from a special fund, whose income is used for recovery work during spontaneous ones disasters. It so happened that one part of the city’s population was for the construction of a teahouse, the other against. The volunteer organization “Bowler-Dushanbe: Substima cities” convinced opponents. Then a general solution was found. The city, as a loan, paid for its construction, and then announced a tender for the delivery of the premises to the restaurant.

Won the tender Linny Martinelli. He immediately entered into an agreement for 10 years. Given the conscientiousness in work, last year an agreement was concluded with him for the coming 10 years.

The final of construction itself was unexpected when his opponents literally gasped in amazement at the presentation of Teahouse. And while it exists, and a restaurant flourishes in it, its owner will pay the city hall the rental. From the same fund the construction of Cyber ​​- cafe is under construction.