We go to the Czech Republic!

Which country is the most attractive? The leader in the popularity of countries for immigration today is the Czech Republic. The leadership of this country is provided by some points:

one. The score system is not practiced. With professional independent emigration to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, it is necessary to score points, a certain amount (in this case, knowledge of the language, age, experience is continuous in the specialty, specialty itself). Immigration to the Czech Republic, the registration of the company in the Czech Republic of such a system does not provide.

2. Real estate

It is possible to rent real estate or its acquisition for an emigrant. Prices are quite attractive (from twenty -five thousand euros in areas that border with Germany up to two hundred and fifty in the houses of the Prague Center).

3. Business

There is the possibility of conducting your own business for an emigrant through Czech, its own company. There are even directions in which foreigners have succeeded more than local entrepreneurs. These are rooms for cleaning premises, construction enterprises, reception of tourists in the Czech Republic and others.

four. Investments

For emigrants there is a great opportunity to invest in real estate in the Czech Republic. And it rises in price every year, so it is very profitable.

5. Move without visas

For Czech emigrants, it is possible to freely move around the Schengen Agreement (in the presence of permanent residence in the Czech Republic or a long -term residence permit).

6. Language

The Czech language is light enough for perception and development, usually it can be mastered at a conversational level in a couple of months.

7. Safety in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic – a country with a very low level of crime. Serious crimes are recorded by an insignificant small amount. Living on the territory of such a country is undoubtedly attractive.