The number of Cuban provinces will increase

Today it became known that soon in Cuba it will become one province more. This will happen as a result of division into two parts of La Habana province, after which two new provinces will be born – Mayabek and Artemis. This decision of the government became known from the words of Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, a member of the Politburo and the First Cuban Vice President. The main reason for the change in the administrative division of the island state is that in recent times a huge number of difficulties in the management of La Habana, the largest province of the country, which today includes 19 municipalities. The actual absence of the center of the province was also a big problem, since Havana currently performs the functions of the Cuban capital. The leadership of the country made the decision to increase the number of Cuban provinces after the Institute of Territorial Planning studied the management issues for several years. It is expected that due to the reduction of distances between provincial and municipal centers, the effectiveness of local self -government will significantly increase.

As a result of the division, La Habana Province will be divided into two parts – eastern and western. The border regions will be such municipalities as kivican and behukal. The western part of La Habana will turn into a new Province of Artemis with the capital in the city with the same name, and the eastern part will now be called the province of Mayabe with the capital’s city of San Jose-da-Las Lahas. After the division of the cube will include 15 provinces and one special municipal formation island of Huventud. The first vice president of Cuba said that the corresponding bill will be submitted to the government members for consideration at the next session in July.