Officials were seriously concerned about the quality of life in New Moscow

The concept of the development of territories was discussed at a meeting held a year after the accession to the capital of the New Moscow.

According to the acting mayor Sergei Sobyanin, three metro branches will be laid on new territories. Transport accessibility will develop the southwest direction.

According to the plan from the South-West station, a 7 kilometer line will be laid. She will pass through Treparevo, Rumyantsevo and Salaryevo. Kalinin-Solntsevsky line will be taken for Novo-Pedelkino, and the site along the Kaluga highway will be extended to Kommunarka.

Sobyanin said that the number of issued construction permits for a total of 15 million square meters of housing in Big Moscow was almost halved. The authorities took this step partly due to the abandonment of the idea of ​​moving here in the capital’s officials.

In this case, permanent suburban residents and summer residents remain in the winnings. This means less populated, and more free routes, and the preservation of the natural landscape and ecology. It is clarified that in the new territories plus to the planned another 30 kindergartens and 16 schools will appear.

The meeting also raised the issue of reviewing public transport tariffs, inflated compared to the “old” Moscow, and worked out provisions on the availability of medical services.

Sobyanin said that it was impractical to re -equip clinics in the annexed territories, so new equipment was purchased. According to the acting mayor, a thousand units of medical equipment were acquired. In a territory where there are no healthcare institutions, they plan to send mobile medical complexes set to the chassis from the cargo “Mercedes”. In addition, four modular clinics will be installed in the new territories, 3 billion rubles are allocated for the acquisition of which.

It can be concluded that the Moscow authorities seriously set to ensure high -quality residence of people in new territories, and it is worth noting that the real estate – ready -made housing or a building for development – was lucky to purchase there.

But those who wish to settle there still have a chance to buy a site at a very reasonable price. For example, in the cottage villages “Forest Lesizage” and “Forest landscape 2” the cost of land with engineering communications so far holds – the price starts from 2 million rubles.