Why so and what to do.

I will say about competition later, and now according to our scheme, in the order of question to you. The market administration gives rise to inequality and the inevitable seizure of power by large capital. Oligarchy. The People’s Party made a coup, proclaiming folk values: culture, justice, development, stability of society, confidence in tomorrow, etc. P. We will not specify all this yet. Before the winners – collars, you set the task to organize (continue) market management with an inevitable consequence – an oligarchy. You stipulate, however, a combination with the state, that is, the suppression of the same competition. As you see, a compromise, the measure of both that gives optimality. In other countries, I agree. There is the dominance of one, relatively speaking, oligarchy over another and the people. In this case, a state mechanism can be used to suppress competitors, which looks like regulatory. In our conditions, now, we are observing the same. But the weakness of the internal bourgeoisie-oligarchy, in any situation, leads to the loss of the sovereignty and destruction of the country, the state, the people, that is, the values ​​of the that potentially defeated the People’s Party. Roughly speaking, these values ​​are not compatible with abundance and diversity that goes from abroad. Doubts about competition. Try to use it in your kitchen, make it with the household in cooking and see what will become with your resources in the refrigerator and in the bin. Second. The competition is good, there are no words when an excess of resources. Under this condition, I am on the side of this axiom. Do we have such an abundance? Modern dominant doctrine – consumer society. In society, poor resources (natural, industrial, …) This leads to the saturation of the market with import and … unemployment, or eating an inheritance for cm. “Decay …”. Close the border. With the scarcity of resources, they need to be increased. We need both sausages and vacuum cleaners, and not just two varieties of sausage. You can still continue. The main thing is in society, chronically poor resources, to allow competition – to accelerate their complete disappearance. Third. Everything I said does not apply to “competition” ideas and solutions. In the kitchen, it looks like a discussion of what to cook for dinner today, in public administration – project protection in a qualified audience.